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zoya haul
my buy one, get one free zoya shipment came in today and i was really excited. i like to wait for deals like these to get the colors i’ve had my eye on for a while (also i broke a bottle and was really happy to get it replaced).

in the first photo we have my dark line-up.
angelina, noot, kelly, feifei

i am a gray freak and this love has been nurtured and cultivated by all these polishes and my bff. before i even wore polish, i knew i wanted a gray car really badly and i always hated saying gray was my favorite color because people kind of get judgmental up in your face. (also ironic book to place it on as i splurged on eight polishes and a designer polish this time - not very responsible!)

i lost my essie power clutch (maybe it ran way) and i was very happy to see noot on zoya’s fall line. it made me so happy. ridic happy. this gray is my favorite. it’s a beautiful dark color and makes me stupid when i look at it, is how happy i get.

angelina is a really pretty brown and kelly - ugh, kelly. i love kelly. my heart.
feifei is one of the newest colors that came out to zoya and i’m really impressed with the color. i don’t have one like it.

the second photo has my lighter shades from the eight i received.
song, charla, midori

when i saw song, i knew i had to have it. i am a sucker for blues and it’s also the reason why charla fell into my cart. i’ve had my eye on charla ever since zoya’s two free polishes campaign a year ago. i almost, almost, got charla but changed my mind at the very end to go with avery and robyn. charla is now, a year later, finally in my possession and even though summer is leaving quickly, i can’t wait to have an excuse to wear it.

midori. oh, my best. i love the gold shimmer in it like nobody’s business. midori was the bottle i broke when i was trying to put all my bottles together in the same place. it just fell and landed in the wrong way and the neck snapped right off.

the third photo includes the two free things zoya sent to me - a fall 2012 color catalog and remove+. i just wish they sent cotton balls. i never buy cotton balls, i always forget by the time i go into a store, and wind up using q-tips, napkins, paper towels, and old rags to do my nails. the third photo also includes heather. i’ve been searching for the perfect pink - i have the color in mind but i cannot find it anywhere. this is the closest so far to what i’ve been searching for.

the last - although not zoya - are the two other big highlights of the summer/fall polish haul.

opi nail envy, oscar de la renta larimar
i can’t tell you how excited i was when i received nail envy. i haven’t had any luck with essie grow stronger so today marks the third day of nail envy. i’m hoping it works as well as it did for &, and i’m making a point to keep polish off of my nails for at least a week or two to give my nails a fighting a chance. i know myself - and i know i’ll pick off all the polish ever if i even try using nail envy as a base coat and it’ll just damage my nails instead of helping them and i’ll be in the same boat. bully for me - but i know my nails will look so nice in two weeks.

the only polish i have my eye on for the winter is nars stormbird so i’ll have plenty of time to try all these on.

i’ll post after my self-imposed probation is up. until then!


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opi - just spotted the lizard

it took a little convincing from a friend to buy this earlier in the year but i wasn’t disappointed.

if you know me, then you know this shiny tricolor shimmery polish distracted the hell out of me while i painted and while i worked today. but it made me happy enough to keep for two days in a row.

what you see is after a day’s work. i put a new coat over it because i was super lazy.

my nails are still incredibly bendy and weak but they don’t flake and chip as badly as they used to. i’m also not biting them - just neurotically picking off the polish, which probably is no good for them.

sometimes it hurts when they bend all the way forward when you mean to just tap your nail on something or grasp an item tightly. i can’t wait for nail envy to come because i want this bending BS to stop.

in the meantime, i’ll just quietly sit here and battle with my ego on if i should take a women’s multivitamin with extra calcium and iron and if it means i’m really old and useless :(. maybe i’ll get the new adult vitamin chewables and feel like i’m six instead of feeling like i’m sixty-six.

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So I bought about ten polishes in the span of 72 hours so there is no excuse anymore to keep this blog dark (including my very first designer polish! Oscar de la Renta’s Larimar).

I’m still working heavily around bleach, alcohol and washing my hands about thirty-one times a day and I haven’t entirely stopped picking off my polish/nail flakes. I finally sent out an order for OPI Nail Envy to try and remedy my bendy/flaky/horrid nails.

During the blog’s silence, I’ve still been doing my nails but I haven’t done anything really striking besides an accent nail. Here is my return to the blog with a return to some silly DIY nail art.

My gray is called Slate from Sinful Colors. I had this on for a few hours before I got bored and grabbed Essie: To Buy or Not To Buy.

With a pin and a coupon, I started doing little dots. On some nails I got super crazy, others I got a little artistic. I don’t know. I didn’t know what I was doing but I liked doing it so I kept at it. I see now that I smeared some/fucked up a little but it was my first time so I don’t care.

The end result? I am addicted to running my thumb over my other fingernails because of the texture of the dots.

Probability of the dots staying on for tomorrow: 27%
I don’t have much faith in myself.

I am planning on stealing some coffee stirrers from Starbucks tomorrow at work and doing a paint spatter design.

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so i wanted to do an ombre tonight and didn’t know what to do (how to do it). so i tried a few samples with some sheer colors (disregard index nail, don’t know what i was doing). after deciding i liked the silver the most (as much as the turquoise pinky made me happy, opi bleeds like a b and it was so so so hard and frustrating to do and i needed to do this to relax/calm/sedate me so i tossed that sucker back in the stock), i thought i should look up how to actually do ombre.

turns out you need a sponge.

instantly that turned into way too much work for me so ombre was out the window.


so i decided to continue my luck with freehand ombre glitter. i’ve done it before, kind of sort of liked the results (i hate glitter so it’s a love/hate relationship) and instead of continuing with silver, i decided to do opi nicki minaj’s metallic 4 life over essie licorice and go glitter heavy on the tip of the nails

and then idk i had a stroke or something because i pulled out this little glitter bottle i had and liberally applied and shook it like a pepper shaker over a salad. i am for serious. there was glitter everywhere.

so i wanted it off immediately.

here was the instagram photo

and i was thinking … hey, this is looking pretty cool.
and then i was wanting to kill myself a little because glitter is not my friend. i just hate glitter.

but it was so shiny and distracting and i secretly liked it so i put it on my other hand and alternated between liking it, letting the glitter catch the light and enjoy it and then being completely enraged by the glittery mess all over the place.

i was having rage/anxiety attacks at the glitter everywhere i wanted to call fema in to clean the mess up because i was going to die.

so after all this freaking out i spent only five minutes cleaning up:

i am fairly sure i have two pounds of glitter in my respiratory system, i am not even kidding. i will probably vomit glitter tomorrow.

after cleaning up my hands a little and the floor a lot and not being satisfied because there is still. glitter. everywhere. i decided to keep the polish on and try another venture monday - paint splatter or marbling, i haven’t decided.

and that was my ombre glitter experience.

end result photo

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inspired by bff nail blog whisky&nails, i clumsily tried to make my own. but i didn’t have a pink (just kidding, i found a rose pink by sinful colors in my collection like a week after i did this manicure)

really happy how it turned out. reminded me of a fashion inspired elie saab with the blue/gold.

of course it chipped the next morning because i work with my hands and bleach and wash my hands like ten million times a day. :l sad.

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brash :: turquoise twist
days since last nail biting: two

i am in love with this color.

my hands/nails do not look absolutely fabulous but i work with bleach and wash my hands like a million times a day and .. maybe i … bit my nails again. ugh. this habit is a bitch to break and i need to start chewing gum instead. also i just get so excited after i put on a polish that i take pictures immediately instead of waiting for them to dry completely and cleaning up my skin because i’m like an excited tiny dog with a new toy.

i think i need to invest in an actual manicure once i go a month without biting my nails so that my hands could get some proper care.

at any rate, this polish is by a brand called brash. i found it at payless shoes and it was only 2.99 and it looks like a tall bottle but it is only about 10ml of polish. to put it in perspective, opi and zoya carry at 15ml/bottle and essie and sally hanson has a little over 13ml/bottle.

according to the salesclerk, the polish goes on nicely and doesn’t chip as easily as you would expect for a cheaper brand of polish. payless also carries another brand of polish called S.X.Y (15ml/bottle) for 3.99 and ugh, the colors are all beautiful. they are mostly a neutral, opaque shade where brash seems to be a lot of shimmer.

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zoya - zuza (Taken with Instagram)

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essie: bikini so teeny
coats: 2

there is minimal sparkle in the bottle and when i peer super hard i can kind of see it on my nails. already chipping after about twelve hours of wear but i also didn’t put a top coat on this time so i’m surprised it’s not all off entirely.

it’s a nice periwinkle and i think it would look good on the background of nail art for the daytime sky. i’m thinking of taking barbados blue and putting seran to it. we’ll see.

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seran wrap nails: robyn (zoya) + skull & glossbones (opi)

like this a lot and will do it again with more bold and contrasting colors. only issue is that perhaps I should put a top coat on the base color as it was pulled away to expose the nail underneath … and I waited an entire day before doing the top color and seran wrap sponging.

I haven’t been kind to my nails and I’m hoping with more active posting, I will be. I work with bleach all day and I am constantly washing my hands so my horrid skin should be forgiven … but I can at least make my nails look nice.

thanks still to the people who follow my sporadic updates and are quietly encouraging from the far off distant places of your dashboards.